Life is often always an unexpected journey. One that we cannot predict, nor should we try.
I’m all about taking control of your life, but often the best things arise from when you let life flow.
If life is a river, planning and taking charge is setting up a house on the rivers edge, but when you swim down stream you never know what you’ll find.
A wise man once told me, “Life is merely about how we react to outside influences. Those decisions are what shape us.” Something I will take to my grave. We cannot control people or things around us, therefore it is our due responsibility to react in the most positive way.
While I may sound like I’m on a bit of a soap box I hold no one else to my standards. Do what you will, just sharing my thoughts.

who are you?

Some years ago and for eons before that we were expected to do things not because we wanted to, but rather because we ought to. A life of condition is what we lived. Opinion, like or dislike was rarely a factor. So what changed. Myself like many of other people today are extremely opinionated, and as such their life is defined by these opinions. So infrequently do I do things because of social expectancy, and more often than not I scoff at the idea of “status quo”.
But it was not to long ago that opinions were frowned upon and they were ideas or grumbles spoken in the shadows not in the public eye, so what changed. War? Economic depressions? Famine? All of these difficult phenomenon of life and more have always been around.
Perhaps we are fed up with the status quo, perhaps we want better for our kids, or perhaps it’s nothing more than our selfish nature. But one thing is for sure:

opinions are never a bad idea

Yes, opinions may hurt once and awhile but they also cause us to reexamine ourselves which causes growth, and it is because of this growth, internal or external, opinions should never be frowned upon.
Examine your own life and listen to opinions around you. It is not until we know ourselves wholly that we can begin to change the world around us, and fact is knowing yourself begins with something so simple as knowing your favorites and having reasons for those opinions. Challenge to you, don’t be blind to who you are. 


who you are is never who you thought you would be

Over the past few years I have wandered through ups and downs like everyone else, but what always seems to strike me the most is how through it all, it is myself who evolves to fit the needs of my surroundings.

The past few years have been a bit of a roller coaster, but in a good way. I have been married to a lovely lady for the past 2 years. In the first year of marriage we were able to also purchase a sweet condo on the American River, and then in our second year of started a new business. People say the first couple years of marriage are the hardest, and let me just say that throwing a large purchase and a new “life” (owning a business) into the mix and things have been wild. All that to say things are going exceptionally well and Sara and I are doing great, but had you asked me three years ago if this is where I wouldbe… the answer would have been definitively, “No Way”

My point in all this…

We strive for years to become the man or woman we have built in our head, but in the end there are so many outside influences that reroute our road to life that endless beliefs of who you are is forever fleeting. Recognize who you would like to become and be aware of your surroundings that guide you along the way, then you can marry the two into an elegant mixture that is, YOU.

I am not the man I envisioned, but I know who I strive to become.